Good Guidelines from Gaurav Vohra of Jigsaw Academy

Here’s a good resource on LinkedIn Pulse. Gaurav Vohra of Jigsaw Academy writes ‘Lost Your Job at CTS/Infosys/Wipro/Tech Mahindra? Here’s How You Can Turn Things Around‘.

Do take a look at the various suggestions listed there. And most importantly, don’t lose your confidence.


ET Article on Surviving Layoffs in the IT Sector

For those affected by layoffs in the IT sector, here’s an article in the Economic Times, written by Devashish Chakravarty, that you might find useful.

Some of the things suggested for those affected by layoffs are:

  • Inhouse reskilling
  • Moonlighting
  • Technical education
  • Change of industry or function
  • Responsibility
  • Professional relationships
  • Runway

There are also suggestions for engineers currently in college.

Those of you who have experience with the various suggestions in the article, please do share your experiences here, so others can benefit.

You are not alone

We live in uncertain times. If you don’t know when you’re going to get a job, or your business is faltering, or you’ve lost your job, it’s very natural to be anxious, worried and afraid.

We just want to say, ‘you are not alone’. At, we are really concerned about the impact that recent upheavals are going to create on people’s lives, and want to create a support structure.

One part of the support structure is to be armed with knowledge. This blog is where we’ll share knowledge that will make your struggle a little easier.

If you have something to share that can help others, please reach out and contribute.



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